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What is Aviation Wingman?

Aviation Wingman is a flying school which focuses on the student - singular.

We don't cram our diary with dozens of different students each day. Instead, we offer bespoke, intensive, one-on-one courses for the PPL, SEP, and  differences where you - the student - are the centre of our attention.

The result? You achieve your licence quicker whilst becoming a safer, more informed pilot.


Meet the Team

Meet Rob and Gill - the Aviation Wingman team.

Rob is the resident instructor and head of training. Teaching is his passion and he firmly believes that the best way to learn how to fly is to become immersed in aviation, with multiple flying lessons per week (per day, if possible!).

Gill is an experienced private pilot, with cross-channel, complex, farm strip, and IMC experience under her belt. She is responsible for safety at the school.

What We're Up To

What We're Up To

What We're Up To


“His skills are fresh and spot on. Great teaching ability. 
I've flown with at least 8 instructors and he was definitely the best.”

PPL Student

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