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Tailwheel Training



Decoding the Critical Altitude - an Introduction to the Turbo

The Tailwheel Take Off

Differences and Currency

The Story

Chances are that you've completed your PPL in a Cessna or Piper training aircraft, and gone on to fly something similar. It's time for a change. Not only is flying a tailwheel plane great fun, but your skill as a pilot will increase dramatically once you've mastered the ways of the tailwheel and learned how to truly use the rudder.

The Course

During the 5 hour tailwheel course, you'll learn the ins and outs of flying our vintage Citabria aircraft. Ground handling forms a large part of the course, as do circuits. But it's not all work, there's plenty of play! You'll take the aircraft to a few farm strips nearby and experience the thrill of 'strip flying, before being sent solo for the final hour of the course.

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