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The PPL is a licence which allows you to fly light aeroplanes, during the day, and in good weather. Whilst you can't make a profit from flying, you can split the cost equally amongst friends. When you have your PPL, the sky really is the limit!

Image by Stephen Phillips - Hostreviews.

The Aircraft

You'll gain your PPL in a Vintage Citabria Tailwheel aircraft - G-BSLW. Often cited as a descendant of the best primary trainer ever built, learning to fly in the Citabria will give you the best grounding for any other aircraft you go on to fly. Learning the correct landing technique in a tailwheel aircraft will pay huge benefits even to those who go on to fly tricycle landing gear aeroplanes.

The Airfield

Training is based out of a small airfield in Kent, near Tonbridge. It is secluded, private, and allows for focused one-to-one training without interruption from other traffic. Whilst many other flying schools have to spend time flying to an area suitable for training, our training area starts at the end of the runway!

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Image by Alejandro Escamilla

The Training

With no prior training, a minimum of 45 hours of flying are required. Within these 45 hours:

  • 25 hours must be dual (flown with an instructor);

  • 10 hours must be solo (flown with no instructor).

The remaining 10 hours can be flown either dual or solo.

The Exams

9 PPL examinations must be sat, with a pass mark of 75%:

  1. Air Law;

  2. Operational Procedures;

  3. Human Performance;

  4. Meteorology;

  5. Flight Planning and Performance;

  6. Aircraft General Knowledge;

  7. Navigation and Radio Aids;

  8. Communications;

  9. Principles of Flight.

A practical radiotelephony exam must be passed, as well as the final PPL skills test; in which you show off your flying to an examiner.

Image by Chris Liverani
Image by Josh Appel

The Cost

You can expect your PPL to cost around £10,000 if completed in the minimum time of 45 hours. The aircraft is billed out at £200 per hour (block time) with a small surcharge for instructor time per flight. We will always endeavour to find the most cost-effective for your own personal needs.

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